Thanks for stopping in.  My name is Bri, I recently got engaged to the love of my life on 09.06.14. His name is Bennett, he is kind, spiritual, always serving, fun, funny, a great dancer, and extraordinarily handsome (I’m stopping here but the list could go on and on). We are getting married 11.22.14 in the Washington D.C. Temple. And all I want is for the time to go quicker… However, for those of you who have thought “that’s a short engagement” you would be right!! It’s 77 days to be exact.  So although every single day when we have to say “goodbye” instead of “goodnight” I get extremely sad and occasionally annoyed… I remember that we still have a ton of planning to complete.

Which brings us here: I have reactivated this blog to share my raw and simple attempts at planning my wedding during the crazy daily activities of work, school, and of course spending time with Bennett. I’ve never planned a wedding before so I am definitely starting from scratch, please feel free to share your thoughts and tips for wedding plans!

Keep it raw, keep it simple. There’s nothing better.


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