Provo Chalk Block

Mixed Disco Fevah

Mixed Utah

Mixed 20's (beanie view)

Mixed 50's

Mixed Groovy

Tis the foursome

Mixed Chalk Art (3, try dose)

So this was a few weeks ago but I’ve been so busy with school and work I haven’t had a chance to post so now I have a ton of these pictures built up!  So you’ll be getting more posts coming up now (: sorry for my disappearance!  Anyway, this is from Provo Chalk Block.  It was so fun!  What they do is have a ton of artists come and draw way cool chalk pictures in the parking lot.  Unfortunately, when we went it had just rained so most of the pictures were either covered or washed away… BOOOOOO!  But we did get to see a few cool ones (shown in the last pic) but that’s why there’s only one chalk picture haha.  

What Chels and I had a ton of fun with (since we didn’t have too many chalk pics to look at) was these fun billboard type things that you could stand in front of and get fun pics!  There were ones from all different times (like the 20’s, 70’s, etc.) SO FUN!  And it was at the Riverwoods Mall so we of course had to do a little shopping after.  I got this super cute skirt from Called to Surf for $12! Gotta love sales right?

Anyway, hope all is well with everyone and I’ll do a fashion post next, since it’s been so freakin’ long!

xo, Bri

Ps: Check out my hot friend Chels’s IG: @chelseyannlarsen