The Wedding Planning Journey

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting things to ever happen.  When I got engaged on September 6 I remember I COULD NOT stop smiling.  It was the happiest day of my life up to that point.  But a couple days later as the excitement settled and I was able to unscrew my smile, the wedding planning chaos began. I immediately purchased a notebook and right away the first couple pages were filled with “must-do” items for the wedding and all I remember thinking was “crap, how will this ever get done in time for our wedding??”

Now depending on how long your engagement is you could have plenty of time to perfect every last wedding detail. However, I had exactly 77 days until we were to be married… And along with planning chaos I needed to manage 19 credits, be a great employee at my part time job, and coordinate wedding plans with my mom who lives on the other side of the country. So if you also feel ridiculously overwhelmed with balancing your crazy life and planning your dream wedding, you are not alone. So please chime in on how you have managed to plan your wedding as I share how I have planned mine and maybe we can make life just a little easier for those future brides with a chaotic life and a short engagement entering the wedding planning journey.

The Wedding Planning Journey



Nick + Morgan’s Proposal


Mixed flower path


Sneaky Mixed

kisses mixed

Excited + romance mixed

Sitting Mixed

Boquet Mixed

Outside Mixed

My brother and Morgan got engaged last night!!! I’m struggling to explain it because it is just too cute and all I want to do is blabber about how cute they are and perfect and excited I am and blah blah blah… So I’ll go a pic at a time and maybe get through the story.

1st: Her ring… It’s two separate bands, gold, and gorgeous… Obviously (:

Also must throw out that I am slightly proud of my photography throughout the night (: … But anyway…

2nd & 3rd: The flowers in the hotel.  So Nick proposed at the Montage in Park City (Park City is where they had their first date and the Montage is where we had a family vacation w/ her and Nick decided he wanted to marry her, so pretty much it’s the most sentimental and cute setting ever) but anyway, the flowers and candles leading to the deck then the deck with the flower pedals and candles.  I’m seriously in love with this.  Ps: The flowers were done by Morgan’s sister who is an amazing florist.  Check out her website:

4th:  Yep, I got to be their secret photographer who hid in the shadows and took the “in the moment” pictures… And what resulted were these two!  Once again they are too perfect.

The last pictures are just the pictures I took of them after he proposed.  It was an amazing night filled with love and family.

Both of the families came up after and congratulated them.  It was great!  We chatted, ate hors d’oeuvres, drank Martinelli’s, cooked s’mores, sipped hot chocolate, and overall had a really good time.

But to end all of this messy blabber (which I’m sorry about) I am so thrilled for them…  I love both of them so much and am stoked that Morgan is going to be my sister!!!!  She’s going to make a beautiful bride.

With love, Bri