Finding the Right Wedding Photographer

The photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make during the wedding planning process. Like I briefly mentioned in The Wedding To-Do List post previously, you want to find the right photographer because they will be taking the photos that you will be looking back on the rest of your life. The pictures your photographer takes becomes your tangible memory book. Ensuring you pick a photographer you love should be on the top of your to-do list. So how do you find the photographer that will really capture your special day?

  • Style // In my humble opinion finding the photographer with your style is CRUCIAL! Do you like the photos more edited? Natural? Indoor? Outdoor? Artsy? Portrait? If you pick a photographer that isn’t your style you most likely won’t like the pictures, no matter what you or the photographer are doing. Here is a sample from the photographer I used for my wedding and she is AMAZING! Her style is very natural and simply beautiful which is my personal preference for style.

Mandi Nelson PhotographyMandi Nelson Photography

  • Availability // Is your photographer going to be available on your wedding day? Check this first! You don’t want to get your hopes up for a photographer and find out they aren’t available. So ask if they are free on your wedding day and how busy they will be your wedding week. You want your photographer to be able to put their full focus on your wedding and not be distracted by the thousand of other weddings they have coming up. Most are very professional but it’s always nice to check. Also, make sure that they can book a time for engagements and bridals quickly since you are on a tight time crunch!
  • Budget // Don’t even think about a photographer out of your budget… It’s just like trying on a dress, if you try one above your price range you will fall in love and then everything else will seem only mediocre even if they are amazing.
  • Recommendations // It’s always nice to know you’re photographer is loved by many. So ask around and see who people suggest. You don’t have to rely on google for all the answers, your friends or family may have the perfect photographer for you.

Keep in mind if you have a short engagement you will need to find a photographer as soon as possible. Between research, hiring, booking an engagement session, getting those back, and picking the picture for your invites it takes quite a bit of time. From the time we got engaged and received engagement photos back (not picking one and printing it for invites either) it took us 6 weeks. So get on this as soon as you can! And remember your photographer should be completely your and your grooms choice. Pick the one you love that will portray your big day just the way you’ve always envisioned.

PS: Here’s a great site to look for photographers you need in your area if the recommendations you receive aren’t quite what you are looking for! It’s called Thumbtack. Best of luck!