Invitations 101

All that matters is you get to marry the love of your life… But you are putting in all this effort for a reception so you want people! Nobody will show up to your wedding if you don’t invite them, so get going on these ASAP! Here’s a few quick steps to get you started.

  1. Seek Inspiration // My go to inspiration site is of course Pinterest, probably like everyone else… But hey they do have some great inspiration ideas that may kick start you own brilliant design or you may find the exact one you want. Whatever you end up finding there is never any harm in seeking inspiration.Pinterest Inspiration
  2. Find Your Designer // Look around or ask around, find someone who can create the invitation you imagine or who can create a beautiful one on their own. But find them quick! You never know how long the person you want could take creating them.
  3. Guests + Addresses // I will warn you: this part is extremely time consuming and sometimes a big hassle! Get going on this immediately or you will regret it and may miss some people that you wanted to get an invite to… Whether you create a Facebook event or ask each person GET IT DONE.
  4. Pack + Play // Putting your invites together can actually be pretty fun. You get to see what they look like and your wedding feels that more real. I would highly recommend gathering friends and family. Not only do you guys get to catch up while doing something fun for you wedding but it will save you A LOT of time. So hang out, make some snacks (not messy ones, you don’t want those beautiful invitations to have food smears), and pack up those invites!

That’s really all I have for you for wedding invitations. It varies with each person and there are a lot more minor things to go into your invites but as you begin these steps everything will come together great 🙂